Wednesday, August 6, 2008

kanye west - lollapalooza (2008)

so it's safe to say i've spent a good hour and a half on youtube looking at videos of the louis vuitton don's performance from lolla this weekend. it's also safe to say that 99% of music can't touch this dude's live show.

do yourself a favor:

-get on youtube.
-watch the videos.
-proceed to hate life.

i've made it easier for all of you, so just click here.



Brian said...

I was THERE. It was awesome. My only complaints are:

1. a bunch of tall fuckers were in front of me.
2. His set was only an hour and a half.

But damn.

And the Don't Stop Believing "cover" with the segway into Stronger was awesome.

roshan said...

brian, you are a bastard. that's all i gotta say. the "put on" videos made me cry.