Monday, August 18, 2008

music video: gym class heroes - cookie jar (2008)

if you can't find it in your bones to dance to this song, then you are not my friend.



steev said...

i can't get over the whole "i like girls / they like me" and how much it rips off T-Pain's "I'm T-Pain / you know me"

I mean, it's catchy, but doesn't that bother anyone else.

PS: I know T-Pain stole from like 10 artists in "Buy U a Drank," but still.

Gabe said...

I agree steev. not only that but gch/travis are trying WAY TOO DAMN HARD to come up with some hip new tagline for their choruses. seriously, the dope shit they do well are tracks like "clothes off" (great sample) and "cupid's chokehold". basically make patrick you're own t-pain and get that shit poppin'.

roshan said...

i hated both of those songs, haha. MY HANDSx500 > TAKE A LOOK AT MY GURLFRANND > WE HAVE TO TAKE OUR CLOZZZ OFF

Gabe said...

hey steev lets find some other blog that agrees with us. white people's opinions > roshan's opinions