Friday, August 15, 2008


knapsack were in a line of bands like the promise ring, texas is the reason, jawbox, sunny day real estate, etc.. that were your favorite band's favorite band when they were your age. i remember when i was recording with my old band during my freshman year of college (that's right, a mexican went to college.. briefly), i discovered our producer's knapsack and jealous sound albums. at first i was just drawn to the amazing album art, but he definitely sold me on them (especially considering my band was influenced by the later waves of emo/indie bands). if you have yet to discover their awesomeness, grab these two albums. if you're already down, dust yours off and relive the good old days.

download day three of my new life:

download this conversation is ending starting right now:

- panda

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Anonymous said...

Knapsack rules...allegedly new Jealous Sound comes out next month...although it was also supposed to come out in June so who knows...