Friday, October 10, 2008

movie recap: eagle eye (2008)

caught this flick last night. to clear up: i'm a sucker for governmental/cia/crime/terrorist/whatever movies, regardless of how shitty they looked. i mean i rented the sentinel for the sole reason that kiefer sutherland was in it. (24 REPRESENT!) but seriously, what the fuck was this?

this was one of the most disconnected, unrealistic and downright ridiculous movies i've ever seen in my life. visually speaking, the movie's incredible. cgi just keeps getting more and more realistic. but getting framed and being able to escape from a maximum security prison in less than 8 minutes of film time among COUNTLESS other things are just ridiculous. in my time, i've let the most outlandish things slide in the name of entertainment. first thing that comes to mind is jack bauer landing a fucking plane on a los angeles freeway.

several people told me that this movie was "great," "awesome" or "badass." but if i had to describe the movie in three words, they would be "shitty," "shit" and "shit."

shia laBUFF [sic] is a great actor. i mean, he's come a long way since even stevens, which was still awesome. even though this movie is a tanker, he's great in it.

so if you like completely unrealistic action movies, and can suspend disbelief for around two hours, then this is the movie of the year. otherwise, save your 8 bucks. stream it from a website or something.

grade: NO.

-grizzly's eye

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Austin said...

All LaBoof is able to do is look anxious, scared or shitting-his-pants.

Srs. Fact check my ass