Saturday, October 11, 2008

video: thrice - live at the metro theatre (2008)

holy shit. this is a great set from thrice, and you can stream the entire thing. thrice is the band i've personally seen more than any other band (15 times, currently) and they never cease to amaze me. one of the best all around bands of all time (yeah!) and one of the better live performers that i've seen. this set has a lot of goodies you won't see at every show; the whaler, of dust and nations, all that's left, cold cash, etc. i just spent the last hour watching it, and now you should too. can't wait to catch em on the tour with alkaline trio.

the stream is very HQ and i was able to stream it perfectly fine without any major buffering issues. and i have really shitty internet.

catch thrice's live set at the metro theatre here.

-of dust and grizzlies

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