Friday, October 10, 2008

movie recap: nick and norah's infinite playlist (2008)

so i finally managed to get into a movie theater (twice in one week!) and i ended up catching nick and norah's infinite playlist on opening night. yes, i realize i'm a little late, but that's just a part of being a contributor to this blog. aside from the inevitable "overrated" tag that this movie is going to get, it was a solid movie.

completely entertaining, not too long, decent cast and of course, a typical indie-based soundtrack to cater to the wannabe pitchforker's out there. the premise is your standard run of the mill teenage heartbreak-turns-confusion-turns-sad-turns-bitter love story between cera and his ex-girlfriend, which ultimately leads him to his musical soul mate, kat dennings. dennings was a mediocre choice for the role, and to be honest, ellen page would've nailed this. unfortunately, that would be know, with JUNO and all.

if you liked juno and its dry humor, you'll probably like this one. nick and norah pales in comparison to juno, as far as flicks with michael cera go. he's a cool dude, but from the looks of it, he's been typecasted into this certain role for a long time. he has a lot of potential, but until that breakthrough falls into place for him, i don't see many more movies coming from him. i really don't care though. HE WAS GEORGE MICHAEL ON ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT.

the soundtrack rules for the hipster douchebag in all of us. from vampire weekend to devendra banhart to band of horses, the soundtrack definitely has a fair share of credible namedrops.

but to sum up, the movie is entertaining and cute enough to bring a lady along for a date.

grade: C+

p.s. am i the only one who wishes where's fluffy? was real?

p.p.s. here's vampire weekend's (sorry jerome) brand new track, featured on the soundtrack:

vampire weekend - ottoman

-grizzly's infinite playlist

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movie fan said...

there were some awkward moments in this movie that were hard to get over... like every time that gum was passed around, yuck