Tuesday, October 7, 2008

scion presents: fool's gold remixed (2008)

here's the thing. i love this record label. and truly, i love i heart comix. but something's wrong with franki chan. the label gave out FREE copies of their last mixtape/sampler, yet when blogs posted them up for download, he had them take it down. am i not understanding something? whatever. so to avoid getting stabbed, hacked or robbed by franki chan, i'll just point you over to IHC's website to download four remixes of fool's gold records artists for your listening pleasure. especially to the latter two.

i'm sure i'll end up with a box of 200 samplers one day, except instead of samplers, it'll be some sort of explosive courtesy of franki chan and iheartcomix.


download DIRECTLY FROM FRANKI CHAN (right click, save as):

jokers of the scene - baggy bottom boys (jots remix)

nacho lovers - acid life (surkin remix)

kid sister - pro nails (rusko remix)

kid cudi - day n nite (jori hulkkonen remix)

-r.i.p. grizzly

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Franki Chan said...

hey grizzly,

saw your post. i apologize if you felt i was being stingy w the IHEARTCOMIX/Scion remixes. I was just trying to figure out the best way to get them out creatively and let everyone have different opportunities to post them. I def took too long in trying to do this and thus caused controversy within the blog-o-sphere. aw well.

in regards to Fool's Gold, these aren't my remixes, nor do i have any say in when and where they are posted. please take them, i'd rather not bog down our servers.