Tuesday, October 7, 2008

music video: kanye west - love lockdown (2008)

dude can pull off boat shoes. nuff said.



Tony said...

does anyone actually really like this song??

I don't get it.. It sounds more like an interlude than a first single

maybe I'm biased because I think the vocoder is the most played in hip hop right now but I don't see any merit in this song

weworemasks said...

eh, not a single one of my friends has told me they dislike this song. in fact, it's one of the most liked songs across the board, and not many songs do that with all of them.

not to mention...it was #3 on billboard's hot 100 last week, so i think a few people like it.

Anonymous said...

go eat some frosted flaked queer.

Tony said...

werd. i've given it a lot of chances, just not feelin it

Anonymous said...



- panda