Wednesday, October 1, 2008

t.i. - paper trail b-sides (2008)

this album had A LOT of hype and is just overall one of the best hip-hop releases all year. i can't stop bumpin this shit. no filler on this album. here are some b-sides. the first two are itunes bonus tracks, and propane (yes, t-pain even teams up with t.i.) is off of a mixtape or some shit.

listen to paper trail.


collect call (itunes)

i know you missed me (itunes)

propane (f. t-pain)

-grizzly trail

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j.sabs said...

Damn straight, rc! I knew I could count on you for representing this album. It's beyond great.

how about dead and gone with mr. timberlake himself? you know you love him too! ha!