Thursday, October 16, 2008

video: jay-z - live at the palladium (10-15-08)

here's a recap of hova's show last night in hollywood for the re-opening of the palladium. he's in screwston doing the grand opening of the house of blues, and i'm hating every minute of my life knowing i can't go. unfortunately, a $225 dollar ticket is not the most friendly expense for my bank account at this moment, and there wasn't a chance in the world for press to happen.

for anyone who somehow manages to get to the jigga set tonight, i hate you. i hope you have a horrible time when he plays a two hour plus set with a 12-piece backing band and dj am.

click this to catch him and tip doing their thing on "swagga like us."

and head over to miss info to catch a bunch of clips from the show.

-g to the izzo

p.s. i've spent the last 30 minutes at work watching these.

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