Thursday, November 6, 2008

88 keys - the death of adam (2008)

88 keys has teamed up with imeem, and threw his entire new album up for stream. the death of adam has been in the works for a minute, and the joint is produced by none other than kanye to tha. album's dropping this tuesday.

be on the look out for album reviews for t-pain's thr33 ringz and the knux' remind me in 3 days this week, too.

88 keys on myspace.

listen to 88 keys' the death of adam here:

-grizzly to tha


Teej said...


can you up the mixtape?

the myspace link's down

roshan said...

teej --

88 keys - adam's case files (mixtape);

teej said...

yeah that one lol..

i meant the link from their myspace page was down

thanks tho :P