Tuesday, November 25, 2008

concert review: 2k sports bounce tour featuring q-tip, the cool kids and the knux (nov. 21, 2008)

so i got the very rare opportunity to catch some of the best acts in modern hip-hop open for q-tip, who's in a league of his own. to be honest, the man's solo stuff is good (the renaissance more so than amplified) but he will never step from the reign that a tribe called quest had put above hip-hop. seeing q-tip perform tribe songs was truly unreal.

anyway, check the review here, and hit the comments for set lists.

EDIT: the cool kids have been keeping a blog and also posted some pictures from the houston shop, so get up on that.

if this tour is hitting your town, DO NOT MISS IT.

q-tip on myspace.
the cool kids on myspace.
the knux on myspace.


weworemasks said...


the knux:

the list
fire (put it in the air)
bang bang

the cool kids

what up man
oscar the grouch
what it is
a little bit cooler
mikey rocks
one two
black mags
bassment party
2k pennies

(pardon the inebriation, but q-tip is not in order)


off of amplified: higher, breathe and stop, vivrant thing

off of the renaissance: johnny is dead, gettin up, you, manwomanboogie, move

a tribe called quest throwbacks: bonita applebum, check the rhyme, electric relaxation, scenario, and the most epic closer ever: award tour.

Anonymous said...

moar like "2K Penis" amirite lolz?!?!?!