Tuesday, November 11, 2008

video: clipse - live at fun fun fun fest (2008)

i got the chance to see clipse (who brought the re-up gang with em) this past weekend in austin for fun fun fun fest and dudes were absolutely nuts. definitely regret the fact that i didn't get into them much much much much much sooner. i got the videos of them doing "wamp wamp," "mr. me too," "keys open doors," and their verses from "what happened to that boy," so have fun scrolling through this epic video post. setlist is in the comments, too.

keys open doors:

mr. me too:

wamp wamp:

what happened to that boy?:

enjoy. audio is pretty solid. video can get a little sketchy, but it was an outdoor show at night.


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weworemasks said...

clipse setlist:

mama i'm so sorry
we got it for cheap
what happened to that boy
cot damn
ride around shining
-song i didn't know-
wamp wamp
keys open doors
chinese new year
mr. me too