Friday, November 7, 2008

fun fun fun fest - austin, tx (2008)

headed to fun fun fun this weekend at austin's other big festival besides ACL and SXSW. on my personal agenda:

-atmosphere (sorry, panda)
-minus the bear (interview coming soon)
-the toxic avenger (interview coming soon)
-dj z-trip
-rival schools (wtf)
-and you will know us by the trail of dead
-the octopus project

also, a surprise twist to the weekend: recover is playing a show in austin this weekend for $5, so it looks i'll be scraping up the cash to hit that up. shenanigans shall ensue, drinks shall be consumed, and fun shall be had. expect reports, interviews, and whatever other shit in the next two weeks or so.

-griz griz griz

1 comment:

gabe said...

make sure you get some reports on clipse, minus the bear and annuals....never heard of this festival (in the winter too, weird. anywho, i would love to hear what you think on those three for sure. miss you grizzly.