Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i suck at life (2008)

my bad alright.. MY BAD. i've been trying to update lately, but i'm literally using the worst computer ever made (it's made out of cardboard and leftover beakers from my meth lab). updates that should take me ten minutes end up taking an hour and half the time my uploads fail or my browser crashes. roshan can vouch for this. between that and the holiday rush at work, it's been really hard to update. i'm old and not in college like roshan.

anyway, i'm getting a new computer in the next week, at which point you'll all start thinking i'm as cool as my fellow bear roshan again. just BEAR with me in the mean time (C WUT I DID THER?!).

- 808's is amazing and if you don't think so.. suck it.
- watch boondocks. a lot.
- wear white shoes that don't have laces.
- a week left in national pomegranate month. go buy some.
- lots of fresh ish coming.
- more meth.

- panduh.

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