Monday, November 24, 2008

tv review: 24: redemption (2008)

wow. 24: redemption's two hours were single-handedly on par with the entire tank that was season six. the writers really tightened up what they were initially great at doing; action. i'll try not to ruin too much, but hit up the redemption imdb for your plot rundown, characters, etc. i don't wanna ruin anything for you.

this was two of the best hours of television i've seen all year. yes, including lost. everyone that personally knows me knows that my two dudes are kanye west and kiefer sutherland, and sutherland completely delivered. give the dude an emmy. redemption has setup for what seems to be a very epic season seven, in which we'll see the return of my homeboy tony almeida. i knew you weren't dead, tony.

some thoughts:

- wtf? jon voight has a career again.
- cherry jones (seriously) might be a shitty president, but will never be shittier than wayne palmer.
- this prequel was the best idea for the writers. after everyone started to jump ship after season 6, this is a good way to get people back on the hype train
- i am a nerd
- please keep coming back to our blog
- the love for 24 is in no way, shape, or form related to jerome/the panda. he is too busy watching bravo, re-runs of shear genius and jon and kate plus 8. he does nothing manly.
- go cop the dvd in stores this tuesday.
- season 7 premieres on january 11, 2008.

-grizzly bauer


Anonymous said...

this post is gayer than anything i've ever seen on bravo.. including queer eye for the straight guy.

- panda

p.s. i watch sports very regularly.

p.s.s. for the sweaty dudes.

Tusk said...

24 is awful now. and it has been for years. the 3rd season was the last acceptable 24 aired.... let me ask you this... how many times in "redemption" did Jack Bauer say either "THERE'S NO TIME!" or "TERRORISTS!"

come on... and lost? my roommate keeps watching that crap... ooh black smoke that flies around..

im very disappointed in your television taste... however i do agree that senses fail should stop making music.

roshan said...

tusk - season 4 and 5 were awesome. season 6 sucked. he didn't say "there's no time" or "terrorists" once in redemption.

and lost is the god's gift to television. i hate you. the smoke has been in about 5 episodes throughout 4 seasons, so what the fuck are you talkin about?

Anonymous said...


- jerome

Gabe said...

post pwn. love you rosh. long live jack bauer/shepard.