Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ariel kill him - named after you (2006)

i'm gonna go out on a limb and assume there aren't many 25 year old swedish guys who have something like seven releases under their belts since the year 2000. well, david lehnberg (also known as ariel kill him), is the only one i'm aware of. self recorded and produced, his latest album brings to mind atmospheric/electronic acts like m83, air, dntel, and even the postal service (also if you dug that bear colony album a couple of entries down, you'll probably dig this). this is a great fall/winter album for all you mood music people out there. fall in love.

ariel kill him on myspace.
kasual recordings akh page.

download named after you:

- panda panda panda


Anonymous said...

theres something wrong with the ariel kill him download. everything else aside from him is downloading nicely. may i request you post the first ed banger comp for download?! that and the teenage bad girl album cocoette? motherfucking slsk is for shit mate.


the panda and the grizzly. said...

fixed the link. i'll holler at the ed banger comp in a bit.

- jeromeish