Thursday, October 11, 2007

the last five years (2002)

that's right, i'm recommending a musical. and not just any musical, an off broadway musical! "wtf?!", you might ask. wtf indeed my dear reader.. wtf indeed.

the last five years is a one act musical by jason robert brown. in one of the more clever concepts i've come across, the story follows a couple(a struggling actress and an up and coming author) and the dissolution of their marriage. the interesting thing about the story is that cathy (wife) starts the show at the end of the marriage, where as jamie (husband) starts at the beginning of the marriage. the entire musical is done in soliloquies (meaning the two characters sing every song alone), except where the two stories finally cross in the middle of the show (when the couple sing a duet during the wedding). clever story, extremely well written music, amazing vocal melodies.. give this one a shot.

download the last five years:

- panda
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