Sunday, October 14, 2007

lydia - this december; it's one more and i'm free (2005)

this post will be somewhat of a change of pace. lydia is a six-piece indie/rock band from arizona. if i had sum 'december' up with one emotion, it would be anxious. a lot of the songs are stripped down and straight forward, but have a sense of anxiety and emotional urgency. in comparison to other bands, i'd put them somewhere between death cab and straylight run (mainly because of the male/female vocals), but definitely give it a listen. they're currently in the studio writing their sophomore release, due out sometime in 2008.


lydia on myspace (there's a new demo up).

download this december; it's one more and i'm free:

- grizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzly

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Anonymous said...

great band

the download link you provided doesn't work anymore.

can you please reupload??