Tuesday, October 9, 2007

sebastiAn - smoking kills (2005) and ross ross ross (2006)

ed banger is officially in the wwm building. this is the first of what i'm sure will be many ed banger records related posts. sebastiAn (yes, it's supposed to have the capital a) is a french electro artist/dj. he's done remixes for daft punk, kellis, cut copy, and uffie, amongst others. in typical ed banger fashion, sebastiAn brings the raw ish to the table with quick cuts and big beats. hit the floor.

sebastiAn on myspace.

download smoking kills and ross ross ross:

- panda


Clint said...

Hey panda, I was totally pumped to see these 2 sebastiAn discs, but it seems like the download is bad (now anyway). Is there anyway we could get a re-up?
[Oh man sebastiAn is good]

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