Tuesday, October 16, 2007

saul williams - self titled (2004)

saul williams could very well be the most underrated artist in music.. and i stress the word artist. in my eyes, the man's already a legend. a true emcee, poet, and spoken word icon, williams takes what hip hop is.. and isn't, to a new level. he's worked with the fugees, kanye west, trent reznor (who is co-producing saul's upcoming album), krs-one, allen ginsberg, sonia sanchez.. the list is incredible. he's also been published in the new york times, esquire, bomb magazine, and has had several of his own works published. do yourself a favor and download this album. your mind will thank you.

saul williams on myspace.

download saul williams:

- panda

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Jared said...

One day I hope to follow in Saul's footsteps and rap my way out of a prison yard ass beating.

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