Wednesday, October 10, 2007

telepopmusik - angel milk (2006)

i don't know if anyone in america is making music that shoots for the trip hop vibe of portishead mixed with the lush tones of french electronica duo air.. but there's three guys in france that have alredy conquered the sound. on telepopmusik's first album, all female vocals were provided by solo artist angela mccluskey. on angel milk however, solo artist deborah anderson provides a number of vocals, as well as mcluskey. also contributing vocals/rhymes to the album is a rapper named mau, who adds a less raspy tricky vibe to the mix. the trio provide an amazing center stage to telepopmusik's cinematic backdrop.

telepopmusik on myspace.

download angel milk:

- panda
(ps i know you're sitting there all like "yo, jerome keeps posting albums with pandas on the cover on purpose. i have two responses for that: first, how's the view from up on your high horse? second, it's purely coincidental. i can't help being a tastemaker.)

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