Friday, October 19, 2007

sneaker pimps - becoming x (1997)

everybody remembers '6 underground,' or i'd assume has heard it at least once. unless you had your doors and blinds shut since 1997. i remember seeing the video for 6 on mtv and being completely into the song. i also remember borrowing this record from one of my cousins and making a tape out of it. i mean, at the age of 11, it was unlike anything i had ever heard in my life.

anyways, the sneaker pimps play a very smooth style of trip-hop/pop that sits very well with me. becoming x was the outfit's first record, which singer/songwriter kelli dayton laid vocals down for. the pimps would later make a very awful choice and release singer dayton from the group. good call...

sneaker pimps on the web.

download becoming x:

- grizzly

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