Friday, October 12, 2007

dizzee rascal - maths + english (2007)

i like clever album titles. maths and english by british emcee/producer dizzee rascal is certainly as clever as any (with maths meaning producing and english meaning lyric writing). homeboy came with it raw on his third album. this album is full of bangers. strong electronic flourishes collide with heavy hitting beats, and rascal's grime heavy flow is as apparent as ever. his influence from american hip hop artists is a little more apparent on this album than his previous work, but his drum and bass/beat heavy british style is still very much in the mix. lily allen, alex turner of the arctic monkeys, and famed houston duo UGK all make guest appearances. grab this one and get ready to throw your hands up high. especially when "sirens" comes on.

dizzee rascal on myspace.

download maths + english:

- raggedy pandy

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