Thursday, October 18, 2007

bloc party - another weekend in the city (2007)

you know their name, and you probably have an opinion on their latest album, a weekend in the city. i still don't understand why there was so much negative reaction to awitc.. it's flat out a better album than silent alarm. most probably just wanted them to make silent alarm part two. well for those of you that did enjoy awitc, here's a nice treat. a collection of b-sides from the album (12 songs), plus three remixes of the prayer. as an added bonus, i added the bands newest single, flux (which is one of the best songs they've written to date). you might be hesitant to get this since it's just b-sides, but trust me, these songs absolutely hold up on their own. this collection could easily be released as its own album and do quite well. get on it.

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- pandsa;djfk

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Anonymous said...

I agree. AWITC is a wonderful album. The entire feel of the album is incredible. I remember when I first found AnotherWITC. I took most of the tracks and added them to the original album. It only adds to the experience. England is a personal favorite.

I don't understand how someone could not enjoy this album. I love Silent Alarm for all that it is, but I don't think they could have come out with a better second album.