Tuesday, October 16, 2007

various - ed rec vol 1 & 2

pedro winter started up ed banger records in 2002. you might know him as busy p (he also manages daft punk and justice, among others). ed banger have been all over the place in 2K7, taking over magazine covers, clubs, even mtv. it's the name to drop this year, and i doubt that will change anytime soon. the gang's all here on these comps.. uffie, justice, busy p, dj mehdi, sebastiAn, so me, feadz.. and so on. put these on at your next party and act like you're in the know. you're welcome.

ed banger records.
ed banger on myspace.

download ed rec vol 1:

download ed rec vol 2:

- panda party


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uffieufffieuffieuffie uffie of course

the panda and the grizzly. said...

whoever left the uffie comment is my favorite.

- jerome

Anonymous said...

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